Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Elliott Wave Stock Market Update - September 03

We got yet another higher high today at 2009 and just like yesterday, it reversed to test the Trend Average again. The move today could be setting up a bullish W3 to a another higher high, but the line in the sand is 1994.85, so any more downside can not go under this level and definitely not below 1990.52 as that would open up a whole different count. I'd like to see a clear bullish run from here and then call a top. Asia is already very bullish, and if the EU decides to stimulate the economy (I don't see why not) later today, then the markets will have a solid excuse to go crazy. I don't have any positions in my short term trading account, but my long term account is looking very good.. maybe 2015 will be my retirement year! lol

On a sidenote, I just read this on the news.

I'd like to see Putin put the Ukraine thing on hold and take on the ISIS challenge. Obama might "not have a plan" since he is so politically correct/wishy washy, but Putin will in no uncertain terms try to obliterate these nutjobs.

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