Friday, September 19, 2014

Elliott Wave Stock Market Update - September 19

The market finally broke out of range and put in another all time high today at 2019. However, I still think the waves look somewhat choppy, so I am not sure if the wave today was some sort of W3 or the last bullish wave from the 1978 low. A key level to watch is 2004.39, if that holds then we should see new highs. But if it breaks, then 1993 will be tested. I am also watching the possibility of a small H&S using 2006 as the neckline, an impulse from today's low to a new high would set up the pattern and give us a chance to make money on it :) Last but now least, looking at the daily chart I see  the potential for a bullish MACD crossover and yet another IHS set up targeting 2095. If the market breaks out to the upside strongly next week, chances are it will be going for that target.

I didn't buy Alibaba today as it went crazy and closed 30%+ above its IPO price. However, I will put it on my watchlist. If we finally get a sell off, I'd love to get this stock and Google. These are companies that will be around 100 years from now imo.

Have a Great Weekend!

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