Rapa Nui

Rapa Nui aka Easter Island

The day I set foot on Rapa Nui, it will be the day that yours truly is officially retired. But not retiring sitting at home with nothing to do but retired  in the sense that I will have the financial freedom to not worry about finances ever again. It is obviously a long term goal of mine but I think given the circumstances at the present time, the opportunity to get there is within 5 years time give or take (I'm writing this on November 2012). The beginning of the idea of going to Rapa Nui started around the time I posted this update:

September 2012

And should I set foot on Easter Island, I will walk the entire island and post pictures right here to journal how a lifelong dream of mine comes true :) We all should have a "Rapa Nui" and I wish everyone who visits this page the best of luck in reaching your goals.. financial or otherwise.


  1. Great VT! GO FOR IT!!!!
    While working in the Bay Area, I had a dream, 1985 - 2000. Bought a small farm in my homeland (MX), I do some cattle and sheep (DORPER). I live in the farm with my family and love it, I'm living my dream.
    With discipline and persistace your dreams will come through.

    Best wishes, Victor!

    Desert Bull.

  2. I like this idea. Although I figured I could find an island with wifi so I could still trade here and there, financial freedom sounds lovely. Time to search for my own Rapa Nui.

    Good luck