Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lower lows ahead?

The market follow through today with the 5th leg of what should be an A or W1 and counter rallied the rest of the day in what I see as a micro 5 wave, so perhaps we will see an ABC pattern that will challenge 1697-99 and the Trend Average in the process. As in the past, we have seen simple 5 wave corrections that were followed immediately by rallies so one has to be ready for more upside in case 97-99 breaks. But odds favor further downside, specifically if the bounce is stopped at the 97-99 area then we should see a 5 wave structure to challenge 1676. I had been expecting this correction but we still don't have enough to know whether this is a W4 that will be followed by a bullish wave to an all time high or a W2 that will be followed by an much higher high.

My plan was to go long today at 90-91 but since the gap took the market down to 1685 support I went long there and sold at the end of 5 micro waves at 1693. My VXX position has gotten better but still underwater so in the meantime I will have to subsidize that position with my other trades.

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