Monday, February 5, 2018

Elliott Wave Stock Market Update - February 5

What a day. I think it's clear now that we have a W3 in place and there are much lower prices to come. Today's sell-off was the worst in 6 years, erasing all gains made in 2018 and some. While we don't know if the bull market that started in 2009 has finally topped, today's action raises the probability that it is all over for the bull market. I've been saying for months that there are enough waves to call the rally over and maybe what were are seeing it's just the beginning for a bear market that will send prices back to test the 1600 level. Obviously, too early to tell but we'll see.

Prices went through support and the 50 DMA like they were not there. But the next level of support is near the 200 DMA at 2530-2550 and we could see a dead cat bounce from there. Ultimately, a 5 wave count would be ideal of it found a floor at 2425.

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