Monday, July 11, 2016

All Time High

The market has finally made a new all time high and has now validated the Long Term Count I've used for the past 5 years. What's really interesting is how targets I've calculated were met or exceeded within reasonable a reasonable range, the most recent one being the LT-W4 prediction of 1820 which ended up being 1810. And now that we have the LT-W4 confirmed, I can work on a target for the LT-W5 that will conclude the entire bull market that started at 666 in 2009. The issue with 5th waves is that they can end anytime as long as there are 5 waves in place (which we do now) and seem to be affected by the length of its 3rd wave. So I'll work on it this week and see what numbers come up.

Not updated since 08/15 so it doesn't show this year's prices


I ended up selling my longs at 1.6 of micro W1 (which was the high today and the target for the Ascending Triangle) and looking to buy again on a test of 2134. I assume people who did not cover their shorts this morning will be doing so at gap support.

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