Friday, October 9, 2015

Elliott Wave Stock Market Update - October 9

Earlier this week I posted the following when resistance broke:

"The market kept rallying today in what seems like a bullish micro W3 and I wouldn't be surprised if 2020 is going to be challenged before any meaningful correction"

Now that 2020 was reached, we can finally see a bigger correction. But since the 5th wave sub-divided into a 5 count, the ideal scenario would be one more push up towards the 2030 area (possibly even 2039) and then a substantial pullback. The next bearish wave is very important as it could be a make or break wave for bearish case for the remainder of the year. In order to stop the bullish impulse, bears would have to bring down the market below 1867-1871 or about 8%. Anything that fails to make a lower low will confirm a bullish bias in the market and could form a base for a sustainable multi-month rally. If the wave from 1847 to 2020 (so far) is W1 of LT 5, then the target is 2,250 assuming no sub-divisions.

I am waiting for the lowest risk/highest reward entry point to short. So I will start buying back the shorts I sold earlier in the week on trade over 2030.

Have a great weekend!

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