Thursday, October 21, 2010

Elliott Wave Update - October 21st

I think there is a potential strong move either way tomorrow. There is increased volatility and the support levels have been broken several times so maybe the top might be very close. But as long as we close over 1175, there is a chance for more upside. I am holding short overnight because I am leaning towards a reversal but if we test 1175 and doesn't go down hard then I will use 1175 as the spot to go long again. I was hoping we would get to 1167 today for the inverse Head and Shoulder set up but it stopped a few points short of it.

As far as the EW count, there are two ways at looking at the current wave. We either have a bullish W3 tomorrow morning or a bearish W3 sell off, looking at the chart it looks like we will get a violent move. Once this new wave reveals itself, there will be more clarity on the rest of the structure. And btw, there is a potential Broadening top set up so I will be posting the trendlines on that soon.

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