Friday, August 20, 2010

5th Wave Finished

So we got to 1065 after all and I sold 1/2 of SDS position, which leaves me technically speaking 100% of my cash portfolio short. In addition, I went on margin and placed 100% of the portfolio value in FXI.

So the updates on the portfolio are:

Portfolio 1:

Bought all FXI I sold at 40.90 for 40.36. Sold 1/2 short position with cost basis @1098 (technically 1113 adding the position trades omitting FXI contribution) at 1065 for a 33 point profit.

Portfolio 2:

200% short with cost basis @1096 (technically 1141 adding the position trades)

Raised stop loss to 50 day MA which is 1089 at the moment.

Combined performance since Inception Date July 21,2010 = 12.5% vs 0% for S&P500 (traded at 1070 that day).

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